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MondayMonday Roasting Worx

There are only so many secrets to producing good coffee…

  1. Quality in, quality out: You can’t make a great cup of coffee if you aren’t using the best quality beans that have been roasted to perfection.
  2. Clean Brewing Equipment: Residue from previous brews can severely taint the taste of a fresh batch.
  3. Well-serviced and maintained espresso machines and grinders: Faulty machinery can result in an overly coarse grind, which in turn has a direct impact on taste.
  4. Calibration: What are we doing? How much coffee do we need for a particular process? How finely should it be ground? How hot must the water be and how much water should one use? What pressure, if any should we apply and finally how long should we keep the coffee and water in contact with each other?

While origin, preparation and equipment are important, the essential difference between MondayMonday Roasting Worx and almost everything out there is the way we roast! The proof of this is in the cup. Our unique roasting process elevates natural sweetness and produces a smooth mouthfeel, which results in the clean lasting coffee flavour we’re famous for.


Fluidized Roasting

The MondayMonday roasting process utilises a radically different concept that is fundamentally different from traditional DRUM roasting. Our specially designed roasting chamber uses a high temperature fan to blow hot air over the roasting coffee beans. This causes the beans to behave almost like a hot fluid, ensuring a level of consistency that is very difficult to achieve with traditional roasting methods.  

This process was perfected by Michael Sivetz, a chemical engineer and famed author of the book, Coffee Technology. Mike’s scientific approach to coffee roasting resulted in his now patented air roasted coffee roaster. Our original roaster was built by Mike himself many years ago in an old Church in Corvallis, Oregon (where it rained a lot) before being shipped to South Africa (it almost didn’t get here). Today we are proud to say we were the first South African coffee roasters to import a roasting machine that has since been touted as “the first real breakthrough in coffee roasting design in nearly one hundred years.”


This in short is how we roast.

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